Move Up Day

Yesterday my daughter Jana had a fun day. It was her first day in kindergarten, they call it THE MOVE UP DAY; where teachers meet there students (devils) 😉 and kids playing together. At the beginning her arabic teacher gave her puzzle, she finish it and got bored ‘mumy anything else to do?’ then she start doing necklace using shapes and rope, painting and at last cooking in the tiny kitchen 🙂 she remind me of her grandmother (mother in law).

After that teacher made circle with kids and they were all around her. She was explaining what they are going to do in the few months, english teacher joined them and kids start singing along with her, they were happy popping and jumping. They end their day having a lollypop 🙂 My Jana refused to leave the school and I had to warn her ‘I know it’s nice place to play but after one month you are going to attend every single day till you get exhausted and tired from your kindergarten.’

I was just checking their website and honestly I’m glad to put my daughter there http://tssnet.org/


Brother Passed Away

On 13 of May this year my eldest brother passed away. It was a shocking news to the whole family. Early morning my mom was trying to reach me but as usual my cell phone was silent. Then my maid was knocking our room door & saw my husband talking to her. She gave me house phone, no one calls me there ONLY if something really matter, it was my sister in law when I just heard her voice I asked: tell me what happened please tell me. She said: “you know that every one is going to die when it ‘s his time right?!” & I said “Please just tell me please” (breakdown started), “your brother Zuhair” I felt cold & couldn’t cry. “but how??” I said, “by car accidents” she said. I put on my abbaya and scarf and waited for my eldest brother to pass by. In the car I was praying for him, there was silent till we reached the hospital and I start crying: “you all lying he still alive” and brother couldn’t hold his tears.

In the hospital I saw my mother who was in shock not crying but my father was measurable. The ambulance took him home. After he was ready to be taken to the grave, I kept my hand on his chest & start praying for him, it was the most difficult moment in my life. When men took him my mother’s break down started, she said “where are you taking him leave him alone!!” At that moment maybe she remembered the day he was born, she remembered when he was little boy. I wish I spent more time with him, the last time I saw him was when he offered me cleaning my car and he’s really good at that.

People always remember NO PHONE ZONE while you are driving.

Life is about purpose of being alive. So simple.

May Allah bless him and forgive him for all his mistakes. May Allah rest him in Heaven. Ameen.

As I promised, I’m back with new designs of shailas & abbayas. But first let’s start with shailas
This shailah contain of rosy shiny crystals and threads.
Cost 22 OMR (57.1354 USD)
This dark golden shailah has different sizes of golden crystals and shiny thick embroideries. I loved it so much and made one for me as well 🙂
 Cost 24 OMR (62.3296)
This one has different sizes and colors of crystals and embroideries as it shows. The design is full in one side.
 Cost 32 OMR (83.1061USD)
So far I have shown you latest designs others coming soon.

As I mentioned in my last topic that today I’m starting E.A.S.Y Routine for my pumpkin Yara. Well I think it went good the breakdown was only in the beginning. It starts when she woke up early morning (spouse her waking time around 8.00 am) and I tried put her back to sleep, usually I taker her immediately to my bed and breastfeeding. She felt there is a threat and we begun the meltdown. Tried to specify her with her dummy and her favorite pajama (unfortunately it’s mine) but my try was useless. I tried P.U/PD method and the pat/shush method as well but nothing worked. I was going to gave up but start to remember the few months how I was desperate and how did this routine help my eldest daughter and ME!! er 20 minutes exactly

I continued and after 20 minutes exactly she slept (as the book said)!! and extra five minutes I tried shushing her. It worked but it was already 7.40 am as I said we spouse to wake up at 8.00 and so I did.

In her naps she was already exhausted so she was trying to put herself to sleep in few minutes only (thanks God).

Just before I finish writing this last line she woke up very upset and want to breastfeed again we did our method and worked after 11minutes. It seems it’s going to be long night. 2 days of observing and first day practical are done, counting the four days. Wish me luck 😀

E.A.S.Y Routine

Tomorrow early morning will start the *E.A.S.Y* Routine for my baby Y. I was in mess when I deliver my first baby Jana, before one of my best friends  introduce me to this book called The Baby Whisperer By Tracy Hogg. Then I knew there was something wrong in my life; that is my baby doesn’t have a routine. Something called E.A.S.Y Routine changed my life for good. Now my eldest daughter know exactly what time she has to sleep, eat & play 😀        

I’ll leave you with her page      


My Bless

My princesses

In few months, God has blessed me with other baby girl (Yara). She just completed five months & every day is an adventure for her. Her first word was “ama” & now her vocablary is reached with words like: aba, ama & aga :). Life has changed since then no time for my business my passion actually. But now I can say I’m back in the track.
Also I have something else to announce, suddenlly I found myself looking & searching for colored materials (people whio is lost please check my other blog http://abbaya.blogspot.com/  so I did it I made amazing colored shailas with crystals & embroideries. Actually I can’t wait to take photos & publish it; but waitting for camera from my sister in law as mine is damaged. So ladies be patient as I am 🙂