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My sewing machine

Yes last week I bought sewing machine.

Story goes like this, as I mentioned in my post before that I found myself liking to craft and sew; so I start my journey of looking for sewing machine. I was really shocked for the prices that I can’t afford it now (other things in mind) so my journey stopped and wonder if one day I can have one :S

So last week I got call from one of my best sisters, asking if I’m interested in purchasing sewing machine, my answer was definitely yes. I took it; well the price was very reasonable and couldn’t stop thanking her 🙂 it’s a dream came true. I can’t wait to start my lessons and my first project *too excited* hope everything goes right and not complicated. Oh before I forgot here is image of our new family member 🙂



1st sewing Machine

1st sewing Machine



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